• "Value-added support."
Building Trust

The Between - Order Fulfillment

ExodusDirect's chief end is to meet the needs of your customers, and those needs are the focus of our world-class order processing and delivery.

  • Customer-Focused Fulfillment
    • Sales picture We study your fulfillment processes and build our order fulfillment services around you and your customers. We then designate the most efficient picking process and integrate with your requirements for fulfillment. This flexibility affords you full, broken, or mix/match case options that marry up with your (or our) selected logistic service to meet processing and delivery targets. Throughout the process, we will hit your scorecard matrices and EDI reporting requirements.
  • Tailored System Controls
    • Scanner We have designed our own systems to virtually eliminate human error. Our order history consistently shows a fulfillment margin of error of less than 0.001%.
  • Same Day Order Processing
    • ScannerFrom our earliest beginnings, our success was built on shipping products out the same day they were ordered, and minimizing lead times to the dealer. Although we have grown to distribute thousands of products from multiple distribution facilities, that commitment remains the same.

  • Warranty Management & Flexible Returns
    • ScannerOur live customer service team provides a direct link to process a variety of warranty claims and returns, over a diverse product offering. We ensure consolidated and efficient solutions for your customers. We also monitor warranty/quality claims with proactive "voice of customer" feedback and supply chain reviews to stay ahead of any potential large-scale problem that can affect your customer.
  • Data Analysis
    • Scanner Providing support where it matters most is a crucial value, and our team of analysts are expert in breaking down data to help focus your efforts. We have developed pricing programs based on freight and volume, built commodity forecast models, structured profitability reviews, provided incentive ROI's, and conducted retail market analyses with the intent of ensuring we are adding value to support our customers' strategies.
  • Flexible Labor Support
    • ScannerMarket seasonality and instantaneous customer demands require the ability to expand and contract on short notice. Our labor flexibility is a strength, particularly when you have large projects that require a quick turnaround.