• "Value-added support."
Building Trust

The Between - Sales and Marketing

ExodusDirect completes our cycle of Add-Value support by providing a robust Sales & Marketing function to complement the efforts of our customers. We believe our role should not stop with the commercial sale. We bring a proven progressive penetration strategy to ensure all aspects of product communication, presentation, and training are fulfilled.

  • Product Manager Support
    • Sales picture We see our support role as "wingman" for our Corporate Product Management teams to enhance focus and attention where time and resources may be limited. Our trained Sales and Marketing team provides everything from support in program development, sales analysis, promotional support, product training, event support, marketing material, and video development. Let us take those tasks off your plate so you can place your focus on proactive and strategic company priorities.
  • Product Education & Training
    • Education When we work with you to provide a product or service, we strive to serve as experts and information conduits to your Sales or Customer Service teams. We leverage the entire supply chain where appropriate to offer the right type of education and training, at the right level of depth, and to the right audience.
  • Voice of the Customer
    • Feedback folder We build marketing and sales programs to aid all levels in a layered customer model. Through trust and integrity, we always represent our Corporate Customer when interacting with their customers. We also utilize survey tools to assist in driving future initiatives and decisions.

  • Private Label Excellence
    • Feedback folder We believe one of our Corporate Customer's greatest assets is their brand, and your customer's greatest asset is selling your brand to their customers. Our approach to building your private label involves matching a high-value, high-quality product with brand exclusivity that only you can offer. Combining this focus with low minimum order quantities accelerates market initiatives and limits business risk.
  • Corporate Customer Event Support
    • Expo Booth Our team is prepared to support your sales efforts, from national expos to local customer shows. We value building your brand and product awareness, and will dedicate our resources to provide a mutual benefit to our companies.